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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 37

Sometimes our best efforts never seem to be enough to bring about what we think the will of God is for our life. We are going to spend some time dealing with the gap between the way the Bible says things are and the reality that we face. At some time, we will encounter that gap; how we handle it will most likely dictate whether the gap is closed or whether it gets bigger.  
  We must understand that God allows us to be stretched in order that we might grow in grace and be conformed to His image; the problem is that we don't like being stretched. Think of the natural (it hurts to stretch!). We will encounter 5 points of faith to help us close the gap between the Bible and our life experience.
  Point 1: Faith is a lifestyle and not a theology. Romans 1:17 tells us, "the just shall live by faith." The word "faith" means "the conviction of the truth of anything." This is the starting point to close the gap; we must be convinced that what the Word says is true no matter what it looks like.
  Today, make the confession with enthusiasm: "I live by faith." Now no matter what comes today, be like the woman with the issue of blood and "keep saying" that you live by faith (oh, and by the way, don't forget to "walk the talk").
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