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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 38

What does it mean to "walk by faith?" We know that it means that we are to be convinced of the truth of something and that something is the Word of God. We understand that as a result of that conviction, we can have a life of real joy (and why not because when we are sure that the Word of God is our reality we have nothing to fear).
Great you say, but what does this life of faith look like? It is easy to spot one confessing the Word and believing in its truth. Faith sees the unseen. Faith sees healing when confronted by sickness and pain. Faith sees abundance when confronted with poverty and lack. Faith sees protection when confronted by danger. Faith sees the end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10). Faith sees things as they are going to be even when they do not appear so now.
Today, take notice of what you see. Do you see faith in your walk and talk? Or do you see an emphasis on the circumstances and problems? Real joy will be present when you are convinced of the truth according to God as opposed to the truth of circumstances.
How are you looking today?
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