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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 17

Some days you may not feel blessed; sometimes you may question "the blessing." Today I want you to reach a place of blessing that transcends your circumstances. The Holy Spirit placed something inside me that I had heard some time ago. "I don't want you to practice what you preach, I want you to preach what you practice." Do you see the difference? It is very important; the practice comes first, then the preaching. God wants what you preach to be something that you have already experienced. (never forget that you are a "preacher" too, you preach to your family, friends and associates by the way you love your life)
I have been preaching to you about "the blessing." I have encouraged you to say you are blessed even if your life doesn't look blessed. Am I preaching what I practice? Yes; recently over a 24 hour period, one of my children suffered from a perforated appendix. He required emergency surgery or it could have been fatal. On the same day of the surgery, my wife fell half the way down the stairs in our home injuring herself. What did I do? I said, "I am blessed!" You see, God maneuvered the circumstances so my son could have the appendix removed and it was not life threatening (in a few weeks he would have been in a car on a 12 hour trip and to have this to occur then could have produced a much different result). My wife only had a few bruises; no broken bones or any other physical problem as a result of the dangerous fall. You see, in the midst of what looked like anything but being blessed, I was very blessed.
The day this all I occurred, I smiled, laughed at the devil and loudly proclaimed, I am blessed! Thank you Jesus for the blessing!!!

Will you join me today and loudly thank Him for the blessing? (Hint: if you are still having trouble, close your eyes so you can't see your circumstances)
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