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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 18

Are you convinced yet that you are blessed?

You must believe and understand the importance of your daily confession of God's Word. You are changing your circumstances; the negative aspects of your life are starting to crumble whether you see the first sub atomic particle beginning to tremble or not (more on quantum physics and faith at a later date). I want you to think for a moment about the woman with the issue of blood for 12 years. She was sick and broke. She had spent her money and was no better. Yet, she had a plan. That plan started with an understanding of what Jesus could do (heal her) and her commitment to follow a course of action to get the blessing. The Amplified Bible says in Mark 5: 28: "For she kept saying, If I only touch His garments, I shall be restored to health."
What have you "kept saying?" If you are continuing to confess the Word, you are about to touch the hem of His garment and what you seek being the fruits of the blessing are about to over run you. If you are clinging to faithless speech that elevates your negative situation from a mole hill to a mountain, be encouraged as it is never too late to adjust the rudder of your tongue and turn your ship to a place of blessing.
In faith, confront whatever that stands in your path to the blessing and command it to be cast in the sea! His authority on your tongue speaking His Word will move the mountain! Now what are you going to be "kept saying;" His words of faith or the devil's words of fear and doubt? You get to choose.
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