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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 142

The second element in our prayer model is adoration. After praying an invocation (yesterday's word), we want to adore God in prayer. This can be composed of four parts:
1. A mention of His nature as God: there is no God beside Him; He is three in one the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit; "Thou art God, and there are none else, Thy name is Jehovah the most high, Who in the heavens can be compared to Thee, all nations before Thee are as nothing."
2. The mention of his many attributes: His power, justice, wisdom, sovereignty, holiness. goodness and mercy; "Thou art the Most High God, all perfect and holy, Thou mercy endures forever, Thou art the King of Kings and Lord of Lords."
3. The mention of His many works: of creation, providence, grace and salvation; "Thou Lord, maker of heaven and earth, all of creation is the work of Thy hands, Thou rulest among the armies of heaven, and among the inhabitants of the earth and Thou doest what pleases Thee."
4. The mention of His relation to us as a Creator, Father, Redeemer, King and Friend: "Thou blessed Jesus who paid for my sins and redeemed me from my lost condition, I thank Thee and know that Thou hast made me a child of the King."

The examples given are to provide you with an idea of how to adore God. You should think of your own words now. Remember the idea is to create a prayer book without forms. You select the Words to adore God. Make the prayer your own and don't forget to ask His help to do so. Now pray an invocation and adoration to your loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
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