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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 143

Today we look at the third aspect of the prayer model we are developing. The "C" stands for confession. This confession is not the confession of the Word as a basis of faith (that will come later). This confession involves telling God that you understand your low state without Him. It may be divided into 4 parts:

1. A humble confession of where you would be without His saving grace in your life: "Thou O Lord, art in heaven, but we on the earth; our being is but of yesterday, and our foundation is in the dust. What is man that Thou art mindful of him, and the son of man, that is but a worm!" This confession will prevent arrogance before the throne.
2. A confession of our sins: Jesus in the Lord's Prayer instructed us to do this. Let no one think that they have reached a level of spiritual maturity that they are without some sin. Granted the willful transgressions should have gone away but there are many sins of omission that need to be forgiven, e.g. loving our neighbor as He would.
3. A confession of deserving punishment for our sins: "We deserve O Lord to be forever cast from Thy presence and to be eternally cut off from Thy mercy. We deserve the curse of the law for our breaking it and we are not worthy to be called Your children. But God your mercy and redemption has brought to me forgiveness."
4. A confession of our wants and sorrows: The particulars of these shall fall into the next section. It is sufficient here to tell Him of your needs and complaints which will form the basis of your personal petitions.

We are developing this model to assist in your praying. Today, invite Him, adore Him and confess to Him your innermost feelings and desires. It is His will that you do so. Prayer is becoming a new adventure with your God. He is waiting.
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