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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 141

Over the next several days we are going to develop a model of a prayer book without forms. This will provide structure to prevent the wandering thoughts that can occur without form and it will provide a method of prayer that will not have forms to follow that can create dead formality. There will be limited memorization. The order to remember is:

If you look at the emphasized letters, they are in order I A C P P P T B A. One of the techniques to memorize something is to create a unique phrase using the first letter of each word in a silly sentence that you can visualize. I am counting purple panthers playing tag before Adam. The first letter of each word corresponds with the letters creating the model for prayer. Now you would get a picture of you standing with a notebook and pen counting these purple panthers chasing each other in a game of tag before Adam in the Garden of Eden. I think you get the idea.

The first step is invocation. Invocation is calling upon God. This can be done in three ways. First, you may mention some of His Names or Titles. He is "the most high and Holy God and Father;" "the Lord God of Israel, that dwells between the cherubim;" and the "Almighty God, the everlasting King." There are many different Names for God and you should research the Word to find some that are particularly meaningful to you.
Second, you may declare your intention to worship God in your prayers. "Unto Thee do we lift up our souls. We draw near unto Thee as our God. We come into Thy presence." The idea is to communicate that your intent in prayer is to worship Him and not just beg for things.
Third, ask for the Holy Spirit's help in prayer. We need the help of the Spirit to pray effectively. Tell Him you need Him to help your praying. (Romans 8:26)

This is an exciting journey that could revolutionize your prayer time. Today simply invite Him as suggested above to help you to pray. Tell Him how much you need Him. He is right there with you and waiting to help. It is going to get very interesting.

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