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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 98

We are continuing to apply God's Word to our life by remembering that there is a difference between a true and false confession. Today, we again ask, "How can I get God's Word deep in my heart to make sure my confession is real?" We have begun to look at certain characteristics of someone who spends time in the Bible and yesterday we focused on attitude. Today we look at commitment.

How committed are you to the study and meditation of God's Word? Far too often when discussing with someone who is in spiritual trouble, I hear the comment, "I'm just too depressed to read the Bible. It has really been rough." Then an entire encyclopedia of excuses are unfolded to justify their lack of Word input to their lives. There is a connection between not studying the Word (and getting it deep down in your heart) and a messed up life. You need to be committed to the Word of God no matter what.

Now the Bible is not God, but it is His voice. I can think of no better voice to be listening to in times of trouble than His. Can you? Well, when someone neglects His voice, whose voice are they listening to? Now you can see the reason that things get worse for those who ignore the voice of God. Have you ever told someone how to handle a situation and they totally ignore your counsel? Then when things get worse, they come crying back to you to bail them out; this is the exact situation when people are not committed to the Word of God.

Today let us make a commitment that no matter what comes, the problems, the difficulties, or the distractions, that we are going to hear the voice of God; and the best way to hear His voice is to read what He has already said. When you commit to do this, His Word is going to get deep down in your heart. When that happens, you will see the difference between a true and false confession (and so will everybody around you and now we are talking evangelism)!

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