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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 97

We continue to apply God's Word to our life by remembering that there is a difference between a true and false confession. Today, we ask, "How can I get God's Word deep in my heart to make sure my confession is real?" There are certain characteristics of someone who spends time in the Bible and we are going to look at several of them. First, they have the right attitude. They want to make this a reality. They are not playing a game of selfishness just to see how much they can get. They are getting into God's Word because they want to bring glory to God alone.

This is a key to grasp: the purpose of a true confession is that God will be glorified. Have you heard some that emphasize all the blessings they have received and all the things that they have purchased for themselves? It doesn't ring true does it? God seems to be unfair; some Christians suffer for their very next meal and others brag about having several Rolls Royce automobiles (several hundred thousand dollars each). How do we reconcile these facts?

The truth is that we don't need to; God will judge all things at the proper time. We need to focus on our individual attitude of confessing God's Word to bring glory to His Name. You may be struggling today with a bad relationship, money problems or health issues. You are to shine for Jesus right where you are at. If you suffer lack, confess abundance for His glory; if you suffer from health issues, confess healing according to His Word for His glory. You do it to bring all glory to Him. While there is the delay between confession and manifestation, you bring glory to Him by believing His Word. This is having the right attitude. Today, show all you encounter how Great is your God by making a true confession of faith. Transform the world around you by believing His Word!

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