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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 82

Today we move to Principle 6; Studying the Word is vital to our Christian growth and maturity. This seems so basic but the lack of Bible study is one of the major reasons for Christians struggling in their walk. As believers, most of you have probably heard over and over about how important it is to study God's Word. But all too often, the exhortation falls on deaf ears. According to recent studies, the following represent the number of born again Christians that read their Bible in a typical week:

"Bible Reading During A Typical Week By Year 1988- 36%; 1991- 45%; 1992- 47%; 1993- 34%; 1994- 37%; 1995-31% ; 1996 34% 1997-36%; 1999- 34%; 2000- 40%; 2001 - 37% 2002-42%; 2004-44%; 2005-45%; 2006-47%."

At best, only 47% of born again Christians read their Bible in the last week. What about the other 53%? What were they reading or filling their minds with? The news, death, destruction, godless sitcoms, godless TV dramas, movies that you would never sit through and laugh at if Jesus was sitting next to you? Believers, it is time that we do what we are supposed to do and that is believe. And what we are to believe is the Bible; to do that we must open the Book and read it.

Today, if you do not not study and meditate on the Bible on a daily basis, would you ask yourself why? What holds you back? Then repent and commit to a daily plan of Bible reading and study. You will be amazed what occurs when God's Word has its rightful place in your life!

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