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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 32

It would do us all well to remember that the force of your words has the potential to create great sorrow. Since we are looking at putting corresponding actions with our confessions, we need to remember what happened to David. Yes; David the hero of yesterday became the "goat" when he added corresponding actions with his destructive words.
David was walking on the roof top when he saw a beautiful married woman named Bathsheba. Now don't get me wrong, I am not advocating lustfully looking at others; however, if David had stopped at the looking part he would have saved himself a lot of heart ache. What he did was to use his words to escalate the situation into a series of one lie, deception (sin!) after another. He used his words to send for Bathsheba to come to him. He commits sin and then tries to cover the deed and it ends with Bathsheba's husband (a really innocent guy) dying, the baby from the affair dying and a host of other issues beyond the scope of today's word.
What is the point? The point is that you can make a choice to speak righteous words (that is God's Words) and put corresponding action with them to bring about Godly blessings; or you can speak unrighteous words (words that are in conflict with God's Word) that put with corresponding action will lead you to sin. Someone once said, "that sin will take you further than you wanted to go, cost you more than you ever intended to pay and keep you longer than you wanted to stay."
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