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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 115

Are you feeling more stable and less whipped about by the cares of life? If so, what is the source of your strength? The only true source of peace and strength is found in Jesus Christ. The world (by this I mean the world system of thought and values) will do everything possible to turn your eyes away from God. We must resist that effort by prayer and Bible study which will increase our faith. Then we are leaving the place of being double minded and moving to a place of faith.

We all desire stability in our lives. We want to know the security of a loving relationship, that the bills are going to be paid and that our home is secure. Remember James 1:8 "A double minded man is unstable in all his ways." Robertson's NT Word Pictures describes "unstable" as "unsteady, fickle, staggering, reeling like a drunken man. Surely to James such "doubt" is no mark of intellectuality." Ever watch a drunk stagger. They can hardly keep upright. They say stupid things and are impossible to reason with. They wake up in the morning with a hang over and their lives are a mess. That is the description of the unstable double minded man. He wants to do right, knows what to do but struggles to do it. The cure is faith.

God wants you to have great faith. That is why He has recorded His Words in a book called the Holy Bible. He has caused it to be preserved throughout time just for you. Many have tried to destroy it but He has not allowed them to do so. Today the Bible is the number 1 best seller of all time and remains the foundation of our Christian lives. It provides the answer to our every problem, hope for the future and the message of salvation for all eternity. Today celebrate that you have God's Word in your life. As you do and you intake that Word, you will find your footing secure and the problems less worrisome. You will stand secure and not waiver.

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