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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 106

Psalm 141: 8 says: "But my eyes are toward you, O God, my Lord; In you I seek refuge, leave me not defenseless!" (ESV) One of the benefits of keeping your eyes on the Lord is that it is the key to God being your refuge and defense. To use a sports analogy, you may have a great offense in football, but you need to be able to stop the other team with a good defense. If not, they will be able to score at will and your ability to win will be in great jeopardy. To the Christian, we can stop the forces of darkness cold in their tracks when we look to the Lord and keep our eyes on Him. While our eyes are on Him we will walk as He walked and stay away from sin. Every step into sin will occur when the eyes are taken away from looking at God.

Of this verse Rev. Charles Spurgeon said: "He looked upward and kept his eyes fixed there. He regarded duty more than circumstances; he considered the promise rather than the external providence; and he expected from God rather than from men. He did not shut his eyes in indifference or despair, neither did he turn them to the creature in vain confidence, but he gave his eyes to his God, and saw nothing to fear." What a wonderful thought; as we stay focused on God and His Word (His voice), we will have nothing to fear. Are you fearful today? Is there something troubling you? If so, the answer to the fear is faith and faith comes from hearing God's Word. We are to look to God and be in His Word as an answer to every issue in life.

Today our mission is simple: keep your eyes toward God. God did not intend to make your walk complicated. In fact, it is our desire to overlook the plain instructions from God's Word that can lead to problems. Just look to Him in faith and believe that what He has said is true and not a lie. His truth today is that He is your refuge and defense. Now don't be afraid to play the game of life because you have a great defense!

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