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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 101

Where do you look to get comfort when facing a challenge? Where you direct your attention will reveal what you have faith in. The only sure foundation any one can have is the Word of God. Yet for centuries, man has looked elsewhere for help.

In the book of Judges we learn the story of Samson. He had been dedicated to God since he was in his Mother's womb. The power of God was manifest in his life. He had incredible strength and was a good witness for God. But what happened to him? He began to look at ungodly women (especially Delilah) and it destroyed his witness for God. He told Delilah the source of his strength and she betrayed him. His eyes were put out and the heathen made fun of this man of God. Ultimately, Samson was favored one last time with the strength of God but it brought his life to an early end.

We learn from Samson, that your eyes can lead you to a place where you will waste your life with things that are not of God. We need to heed this lesson and be ever mindful of our place of focus, e.g. do we focus on the things of God or the things of the world? So today what is your choice? Do you choose the things of the world or the things of God? The decision will have long lasting consequences. Which choice do you think God would have you to make? Which choice do you think the devil would want you to make? Isn't our duty clear? Let us this day make the right choices and look to Him to face any challenge and not the ways of the world.

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