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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 100

Today we look at another principle in applying God's Word to your life: Be careful where you look. The Bible is full of examples of people that looked in the wrong places and reaped disastrous results. Remember Lot's wife; in Genesis 19:17 we are told that Lot and his family were told to escape and not look behind them at Sodom because of the intense fire destroying the city. In verse 26, the Word tells us that Lot's wife disobeyed the instructions, looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. The British Family Bible says: "It is probable that some of the dreadful shower, which destroyed the cities of the plain, overtook her; and falling upon her, wrapped her body in a sheet of nitro-sulphureous matter; which congealed into a crust as hard as stone, and made her appear like a pillar of salt, her body being, as it were, candied with it." The point is that Lot's wife remained too close to the sinful city of Sodom and it destroyed her.

We must be ever on guard where we look. We must make sure that our eyes stay focused on the things of God. For example, if you look at television 4 hours a day (watching the news, a police show or a situation comedy) what are you feeding your soul? If you only spend 15 minutes in the Bible, do you think that those few moments will offset 4 hours of junk? The real question is why one would want to spend so much time watching television and so few moments in the Word? We have no difficulties spending 2 hours watching a fictional movie, yet we complain we don't have time to study the Word of God. The problem is that we are looking back at a world we should have left behind when we came to Jesus Christ.

We need to remove ourselves from the "Sodom's" around us and not to look back. We should follow the instructions given to us in the Bible and make sure that our obedience is at an all time high. There is much evil in the world and it looks like things are getting worse ($5 for a gallon of gas, an economic recession, world conflicts escalating) and the only way we are going to escape from these things is by trusting God to deliver us. It is in His Word that we will find true peace and comfort. When the Word is applied to our lives, all these difficulties fade away. The Word reigns in our lives and we are walking away from destruction and to a place of safety. Let us band together and walk in the Word knowing that His Word will prevail. Don't look back!

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