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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 94

Yesterday we ended with the verse that tells us that the Word will sanctify, i.e. cleanse, us. In John 17: 17, Jesus said in His prayer to the Father: "Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth." To understand the importance of this verse, we must look at what is occurring. Jesus is praying for His disciples and for those that would follow them knowing that He is about to be arrested, tried and executed. He knows that His disciples are going to have to stand strong to get the job done of carrying His message to the world. He specifically prays for them and not for the world when the words of verse 17 are spoken. In verse 20, Jesus says "Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word...." So you and I are included in this prayer. Since Jesus has prayed for us (isn't that an incredible thought!), we have an obligation to receive the answer to His prayer.

Of the word "sanctify," Adam Clarke said: "This word has two meanings: 1. It signifies to consecrate, to separate from earth and common use, and to devote or dedicate to God and his service. 2. It signifies to make holy or pure. The prayer of Christ may be understood in both these senses." Jesus has prayed that we separate from things that are not beneficial to our spiritual life and devote ourselves to God. When we do that He makes us holy. In may seem odd to us, but Jesus has prayed that you and I become holy.

You might well ask, "How can I be holy?" On your own you can't, but through the Word you can be. As you read, study, meditate, and speak God's Word it will impact your life. Your speech will improve as will your living. You will look for opportunities to reflect Jesus in your everyday life. Today, is there something, attitude, addiction or sin that you need to separate from? If so, let the Word of God sanctify you and walk in obedience. And remember, Jesus has already prayed for you! Now go and receive His answer.

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