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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 9

Whether you felt "blessed" yesterday or not is not the issue; the point is God says "you are blessed!" The word "blessed" here is the Hebrew word barak (pronounced "baw-rak") and means "to endue with power for success, prosperity, fecundity (more about this word later in the week), longevity." The word barak is the opposite of the Hebrew word qalal which means "to esteem lightly, curse."
So lets get this straight, God's Word (which you are now agreeing with by speaking it) says that He has placed something on you to make you a success and prosperous; that something is "the blessing." All the good things in your life flow from that blessing. On the contrary side, is the devil's lies that try to steal what God has given you. Would you allow someone to steal your car, wallet or purse without a fight, or calling the police, etc.? Of course not; your stuff belongs to you. Well guess what, "the blessing" is more important than the results of the blessing (the car, what is in your wallet or purse). So today, if the devil tries to send someone your way to steal your blessing, laugh at them and say "I am blessed and I'm not giving it up or handing it over to anyone. IT IS MINE!"
In prayer today say, "Lord, thank you for the blessing."
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