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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 171

As we continue to look at 1 Thessalonians 5:17 ("Pray without ceasing."), let us remember that this command is going to mainly involve our attitude and desire. Do you desire to live a life characterized by prayer? Do you see the benefit of such a lifestyle? Do you think this is the life God wants for you? It is God's will for you to pray without ceasing. Since it is His will, He will provide the necessary changes in your heart to cause it to occur. However, there is a balance so that we must not be so "heavenly minded that we are no earthly good."

The British Family Bible explains the verse as follows: " We are here commanded to 'pray without ceasing:' but if any one should adhere to the precept so strictly, as to seclude himself from all company or employment, and waste himself in the fervours of devotion without intermission, till nature, oppressed and wearied, sunk into slumber, we need be but little surprised at the wildness and extravagance of his dreams, or at the strangeness of his opinions, after so fanciful a course of life. The same Apostle, who prescribes to 'pray without ceasing,' recommends his own example of 'labouring night and day,' 1Th 2:9; and a good consistent Christian will endeavour to reconcile both by neglecting neither.
The proper meaning of this and similar precepts is, that we should never remit that devout frame and disposition of soul, which is always open to receive the Divine influence, and comply with its motions; expecting from our heavenly Father every good thing we want, directing all our actions in obedience to his will, and to his glory, and never willfully omitting the daily stated opportunities of what is more properly and strictly called 'praying.'"

We can see from this explanation, that "praying without ceasing" will not interfere with our required daily activities. We are to pray at the appointed times and at all other times where appropriate. In addiction, we are to stay ready to receive from the Lord His guidance, correction and instruction. As we go about our day we stand ready to receive from Him at any moment. This is "praying without ceasing" and very obtainable in this life. Today approach every moment as an opportunity to hear from Him. Life is very blessed when we look to Him every moment for His love toward us.
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