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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 148

Today we look at the "blessing" portion of our prayer model. Psalm 145:10 says: "All thy works shall praise thee, O LORD; and thy saints shall bless thee." Charles Spurgeon said of this verse: "They wish well to God; they would make him more blessed, if such a thing were possible; they desire blessings upon his cause and his children, and invoke success upon his work and warfare. None but blessed men will bless the Lord. Only saints or holy ones will bless the thrice holy God." Yes, we are to bless our God with our lips and our actions.

Two aspects of blessing are:
1. Mentioning the many attributes and glories of God with true joy and delight. We are to rejoice as we tell God of His many excellencies.
2. Wishing that the glories of God may continue forever and rejoicing that they will. God has won the victory. Satan is defeated and his end is known. There is a time when all evil shall be stopped. Bless the Lord that He is causing this to come about in His due time. Praise God; we have read the end of the book and God wins. His victory was never in doubt. Bless Him for His power, majesty and Glory!

Prayer is so much more than a boring activity. In this model, we have seen the ingredients of invocation, adoration, confession, petition, pleading, profession, thanksgiving and blessing. It is time to practice these elements of prayer. As you begin to develop a meaningful prayer life, you may be like a child that stumbles when first learning to walk. Just as a good parent encourages the child to get up and try again, our Heavenly Father is encouraging you to get up today and pray to Him. Don't worry if you stumble, He is there to help you up.
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