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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 131

Romans 8:13 says: "For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live." Now remember that this verse is written in the same context of verse 1 that said we have no condemnation. If we have no condemnation, why do we have to mortify (fancy way of saying "kill") the deeds ("practices") of the body? The answer to this question will help us walk in the abundant Spirit controlled life.

The Brethren NT Commentary says: "Mortify the deeds of your body, i.e., keep the members of your body under proper Gospel restraint." Even though one may no longer be under condemnation, there is still a need to keep ones body under the restraining power of the Gospel. It is by this restraint that one can know that they have received the Gospel. For example, before you were a Christian, most likely (unless you were small and had no choice) on Sunday morning you slept in and didn't even think about going to church. A true believer, unless prohibited by sickness or other legitimate reason, on Sunday morning cannot wait to be with a community of believers to worship God. The faith designed by God mandates community involvement. If someone does not desire to be with a community of believers you may rest assured that there is a serious spiritual problem.

We should be in prayer and the Word to see what deeds of the body need to be put to death in our life. Perhaps you rob God by not giving him a tenth of your earnings; if so, repent and start this Sunday to give to Him. Perhaps you take His name in vain; the common expression "OMG" is a perfect example of taking God's name in vain (I bet you thought that taking His name in vain was limited to cursing; remember Jesus never used God's name as an expression of surprise as He revered it to much to do so). God's name is to be revered and hallowed and any attempt to use His name in a common or less than respectful manner is a violation of the Third Commandment.

As we mortify the deeds of the body, we become more like the image of Jesus Christ. That is our mission after becoming a Christian. We are not to sit back and relax; we are to kill the practices of the flesh that are not representing the God we love. Take an honest look at yourself today; you will be glad you did after the bruising heals.
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