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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 1

I spoke recently in a message about the power of YOUR speech specifically. This is Day 1 for you to speak the Word as I E-Mailed to each of you yesterday. Remember, I am asking you to say these confessions daily for 30 days. If you will do so, I believe that you will see changes in your life and will have a testimony to give at the end of 30 days.
I have prayed the following prayer for you all this morning (you should pray it also):
"Father, thank You for teaching us about the power of our words. I commit to say positive confessions about myself, my family, my church, my business, my future, my health, and every other area of my life. Your Word has the promises I need for every sphere of my life, so I ask You to help us fill our hearts with the truth and line up our mouths with what Your Word promises for our lives. I pray this in Jesus' name!"
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