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Shield Daily Devotional  

Day 186

Today we look at God as Jehovah-Ra-ah: "the Lord our shepherd." The familiar passage is found in Psalm 23:1: "The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want." The shepherd undertakes as his responsibility to feed, provide and protect his sheep. If a lion comes, he fights it off. When it is hot, he finds water for the sheep. He insures their adequate food supply. The sheep know the voice of their shepherd and follow him wherever he goes. When necessary, the shepherd may have to correct the sheep for its own welfare. If the sheep gets lost and separated from the herd, he seeks it out to bring it back to safety. When we consider these duties of the shepherd, the analogy to our Heavenly Shepherd becomes clear.

Adam Clarke explained the shepherd's duties as follows: "1. He leads them out and in, so that they find pasture and safety. 2. He knows where to feed them, and in the course of his grace and providence leads them in the way in which they should go. 3. He watches over them and keeps them from being destroyed by ravenous beasts. 4. If any have strayed, he brings them back. 5. He brings them to the shade in times of scorching heat; in times of persecution and affliction, he finds out an asylum for them. 6. He takes care that they shall lack no manner of thing that is good."

Today, know that you have a Great Shepherd. Listen to His voice and follow Him wherever he leads you. He will never lead you into danger and He will provide for you. He is a good God and will deliver you from your current difficulties; however, He will do it in a way to bring the most glory to Himself. We must have confidence in our Shepherd and simply follow Him in faith.
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